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Dr. Nisha Full Moon Chand


Sri Nisha Full Moon Chand is a multi cultured lady and a multi-faceted woman. She is an ordained Buddhist nun a long time and has lived in Tibet and India during her late childhood. She was mastered by Buddhist Tibetan monks and was taught many things about animals, nature, and plant medicine, natural healing, and surrounded by healers of the East. She travelled all over the world to attain experience in plant research for healing and was involved with helping people in the line of social work and counseling as well as healing animals and people. Her goals are to improve quality of life in people and animals through meditation, arts and crafts, animal healing, spiritual healing, counseling, case management, tutoring.

She has spent 20 + years in animal assisted therapy, and botanical medicine. She is fluent in American Sign Language, Indian Sign language, Hindi, Spanish, Mexican Sign Language, Native Sign language, and other dialects. She has long time experience in tutoring English Second language and for special needs in her line of work in social work for disabilities with an emphasis in special education. She worked in group homes for the mentally challenged and has a deep understanding of developmentally delayed adults and children along with Autism.


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